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Product Version History - As Of August 1, 2000
Product  Version  Date Source  Database  Description
GCS 1.0 6/1/1994 Paradox Paradox Initial Release
GCS 1.1a 4/21/1995 Paradox Paradox Miscellaneous fixes and improvements
GCS 2.0 2/1/1996 Paradox Paradox Numerous Major Improvements
GCS 2.1 6/28/1996 Paradox Paradox Made minor changes in accordance with suggestions made at golf course show (for example, re-arranged some screens, modified some icons to make more user-friendly for industry, etc.). Improved sample data
GCS 2.2 8/21/1996 Paradox Paradox Added Equipment QuickLoad to easily load equipment maintenance schedules. Added new equipment subgroups. Added ability to specify equipment maintenance intervals by days, weeks, or years (instead of just by hours). Added ability to retrieve data remotely through communications screen. Added integrate communications screen for dialing into InCircuit or other bulletin boards. Added "Post Work Orders to Financial Module" option to allow user to choose whether or not work order labor costs directly affect the financial transactions registry. New Work Order Screens: simpler/quicker screens, multiple employees per task, multiple tasks per work order, easy tab feature to see employees, inventory, areas, and notes associated with the work order. Improved Backup Utility (creates zip files) and added Auto-Backup feature
GCS 2.2a 9/13/1996 Paradox Paradox New Metric capabilities, plus added Std. unit capabilities (Choose your measrmts). Equip meter reading units are now user-definable (eg, Hours, Miles, Kilometers, etc.). Inventory can now post Purchase Order #s over 32000. New Purchase Order report that prints several POs at once. Backup Restore function can now unzip ANY file. Improved inventory reports. Improved chemical log and use reports. Inventory transactions now show the total cost for quantity used instead of average cost. Fixed General Protection Fault error that ocurred on some systems when exiting GCS. Backup utility now correctly over-writes previous backup file.
GCS 2.2b 10/4/1996 Paradox Paradox Widely distributed 16-bit version. Improved Registration Screen. Improved Data Upgrade Capabilities
GCS 3.0 6/10/1997 Delphi Paradox Major conversion of Paradox Source Code to Delphi Source Code. More user friendly interface, more stable, better performance, customizable reports. Added fuel module for logging and tracking fuel usage and costs
GCS 3.01 11/26/1997 Delphi Paradox On purchase orders: the ability to receive partial shipments, create backorders, enter credits, returns, and discounts. Added lookup table for equipment make. Option for equipment maintenance to occur at regular intervals regardless of last complete work order. Ability to hide pay rates and confidential information. Improved table rebuild utility. Improved work order graphs.
GCS 3.1 2/1/1998 Delphi Paradox Added comprehensive payroll module that is capable of logging employee hours, importing work order data, and posting financial transactions. More efficient memory management. Performed comprehensive Quality Assurance and addressed bugs reported in previous version. Made product much more stable
GCS 3.1a 3/13/1998 Delphi Paradox Maintenance Release
GCS 3.1b 6/3/1998 Delphi Paradox Widely distributed 32-bit version
GCS 3.1c 11/5/1998 Delphi Paradox Equipment meter reading get correctly written to table for work order
GCS 3.1d 11/13/1998 Delphi Paradox Ability to rollback database transactions for failed PO receipts; for PO's with splits, only post to financial if course name is same as current dataset company name
GCS 3.1e 12/8/1998 Delphi Paradox Meter reading on work orders is no longer a calculated field; so now it is editable and always gets stored to table correctly and always displays the correct value from the table instead of displaying the current meter reading
GCS 3.1f 1/29/1999 Delphi Paradox Fixed bug where when the user went into the Equipment Main and clicked on History, they would not see all Work Orders for that equipment item. Some would show, but not all. Now all work orders are visible
GCS 3.1g Delphi Paradox Released for internal use only
GCS 3.11 3/24/1999 Delphi Paradox Numerous bug fixes and a few new features: Financial Transactions that can be easily filtered by year, editable Soil Analysis Data, Better International Support
GCS 3.11a 4/16/1999 Delphi Paradox Fixed bug on receiving split item on PO. Fixed bug with year filter box on Fin Tran screen
GCS 4.0beta 7/27/2000 Delphi5 Sybase Release for final round of beta testing. Major new upgrade that incorporates numerous changes. Now using Sybase back-end. Better data normalization and stability


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