Meter Update

It is highly recommend that before you install and run the new Meter Update report, you make a backup of your dataset, should you want to restore your data to the prior state.

First, click the two links below and save the files to your desktop.

Make sure that the GCS program is not running on your computer from this point on.

  1. Double-click on addrpt.exe on the desktop and click the button labeled "UnZip"
  2. Close the WinZip Window
  3. Double-click on addsql.exe on the desktop and click the button labeled "Unzip".
  4. After the 8 files have been successfully unzipped, CLOSE WinZip.
    1. A new folder is created on your C drive called
      c:\Meter Update 3\SQL\
    2. Click Start, Select Run and type
      "c:\Meter Update 3\SQL\SQL Runner.exe" and hit enter.
    3. You will be prompted for the "Name of Text File with SQL Statement." Just accept the default and click OK.
    4. Choose YES when you are prompted with "Run SQL Now?"
    5. You will receive a message indicating that the "SQL Successfully Executed." Just click OK and then choose CANCEL to close the SQL Runner program.
  5. Open GCS and the Reports module to the Equipment reports and you will find your new report titled "Meter Update" ready to run.

What all of this actually does:

  1. Adds in the Meter Update report in the Equipment reports section.
  2. Once you run the Meter Update report, the following will happen in GCS:
    1. The Meter field on the Equipment Main screen will be updated with the largest meter reading from all work orders. The new update procedure will not decrease a meter reading, only increase. To decrease a reading, you should manually adjust the field on the Equipment Main screen.
    2. The Last Change field on the Equipment Main screen will be updated to the latest date shown for a meter update on the specified equipment.
    3. The program will check to see if the new meter reading is >= the Next Maint date of any Maintenance task associated with the related piece of equipment. If the meter is >= the Next Maint date, the Maintenance item on the Equipment Maintenance screen will turn red indicating that maintenance is due. The equipment item as listed on the Equipment: Main screen will also turn red indicating that maintenance is due.
    4. The program will then check to see if any other Maintenance tasks using Days as Units have a Next Maint date less than or equal to the current date. If so, these items will turn red on the Equipment: Maintenance screen, and the related equipment item will turn red on the Equipment: Main screen.
    5. After GCS has updated the dataset, a report will pop up onscreen in preview mode with a message that the update was successfully executed. If you do not get this confirmation, or get other errors, you may have a lack of system resources (ie low Hard drive space, not enough RAM etc..).


  1. The meter readings will be updated from all work order tasks, whether the status is Open or Closed.
  2. The report is best run when the data is located in the default location of: C:\ Program Files \ InCircuit \ GCS \ Data.

If you have any problems with this, contact us.

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