TurfCentric Technical Support can be reached three different ways:

By FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions Page

By E-Mail:

By Phone: (225) 612-2120

By Fax: (225) 612-2233

Our technical support department prides itself in delivering top-notch customer service. By sharing proven implementation and utilization methods, we guarantee youíll get expert advice and relevant answers. Further, youíll always receive friendly, individualized guidance from your TurfCentric support representative.

Annual Support

Once your software is up and running, technical support is available to answer questions about specific functionality and typical use scenarios. Support also includes assistance in learning how to use TurfCentric's on-line knowledge base to answer questions on your own.

TurfCentric and its certified business partners work together to provide you with responsive support, combining our partnerís familiarity with your business with TurfCentric's in-depth technical expertise. By enrolling in an annual support plan, you'll receive free product upgrades, toll-free access to our support representatives, and 24/7 access to online resources listed on our website such as:

  • Knowledge Base - with online status of reported product recommendations, issues and patches
  • FAQs - a searchable database of frequently asked support questions with answers

On-Site Training

On-site training is intended to help our customers get up and running quickly. Our on-site training includes:

  1. OVERVIEW - Describe how GCS automates record-keeping and common operations.

  2. DEMONSTRATE - Demonstrate each GCS function as it relates to current maintenance operations.

  3. HANDS-ON - Make sure each user thoroughly understands each software operation via hands-on system use.

  4. REVIEW/EVALUATION - Compare academic training to anticipated, individual use scenarios to ensure GCS is properly integrated into your daily maintenance operation.

  5. SETUP - Enter all course specific setup information such that system is ready for routine daily use/input.


Proper implementation is fundamental to realizing the maximum value of your software investment. To guarantee the best possible results, TurfCentric's Consulting Services team offers the following services to all certified business partners/resellers and customers:

Pre-sales Assistance
TurfCentric staff will provide pre-sales assistance either on-site or over the phone. This service is available for TurfCentric certified resellers and its customers.

TurfCentric plans implementation using proven methods that start with specification, data conversion, test installation/operation, cutover planning, and post implementation assistance.

Upgrade Training and Assistance
The upgrade process follows closely with implementation with a pilot conversion, product training with converted data, going live assistance, and post implementation assistance. The upgrade process is piloted off line, so users can get comfortable with the system before going live.

On-site Training
TurfCentric will also provide you with hands on training for any of the packages available. This training is provided with classroom style workbooks and hands-on exercises.

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