Work Order Module

The Work Order module is flexible and easy to use. Work orders can involve one or more tasks and each task can involve one or more employees. Each task also is assigned an area or equipment item and inventory to use. Inventory used in a work order automatically decrements from inventory and the associated labor cost can be automatically posted to the financial ledgers. When a work order is complete, simply display the open work order and update the actual employee hours and inventory used, then close the work order.

Most work orders can be generated from other modules directly. For example, when calculating sprayer/spreader applications, the work order can be generated directly from the mixture results screen within the chemical/fertilizer module. Additionally, all information from the mixture results screen is automatically transferred to the work order (e.g., inventory and amount to be used, equipment to be used, areas to treat, etc.).

The work orders module also includes detailed graphing tools to analyze labor productivity. You can view how much time and money is use on each task, such as mowing or spraying, as well as for various areas, such as fairways, greens, tees, etc. Simply indicate the employee (or group of employees) for analysis, the desired areas and tasks, and the desired range of dates and GCS graphs the associated time and costs for labor, inventory, and fuel.

Work Order Module Features

  • Work order creation is all point-and-click. Select employees, areas, tasks and inventory from easy to access lists.

  • Materials used on work orders are automatically subtracted from inventory.

  • Schedule recurring work orders automatically for one employee or a group of employees.

  • Analyze labor expenses, by area or by task, for any range of dates (yearly, quarterly, monthly, daily, custom) and any range of tasks, areas and employees.

  • Track labor projects from start to finish - easy to determine cost and time spent for employee activities.

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