Personnel Module

The Personnel module allows you, at a glance, to view basic information about each employee. You can store not only the basics, such as address information, social security number, hire date, emergency contact information and payrate, but you can also track more sophisticated data (including even a color picture of each employee).

With GCS, itís easy to track employee performance. This module also includes an employee master list, detailed personnel information screen, a calendar for employee events, holidays, meetings and appointments, a performance review database, an accident report database, a disciplinary actions database, a pay rates screen, and much more. GCS also includes detailed labor tracking so that you can better gauge employee performance.

Personnel Module Features

  • Complete employee listing in one central place - no searching through scattered files.

  • Password protection available to secure pay rates and other sensitive information.

  • Easy to view telephone listings, emergency information, accounting information.

  • Track vacation days, personnel days, holidays, meetings, appointments, etc.

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