Inventory Module

The Inventory module provides all the information necessary for comprehensive, accurate inventory management. This section includes a purchase orders section, an inventory receiving section, an inventory transactions database, inventory validation reports and on-screen analysis, a vendors database, and more. There are over 30 standard GCS inventory reports that indicate on-hand inventory, reorder point information, vendor listings, transactions reports for usage of inventory, and much, much more.

Inventory Module Features

  • Always know your current inventory on hand.

  • Picture fields available for each inventory/equipment item.

  • Professionally formatted purchase orders can be faxed or e-mailed directly from your PC.

  • Inventory usage and receipt automatically tracked for your convenience.

  • Inventory items classified according to their expense category in the financial section.

  • Inventory section fully integrated with other GCS modules (e.g., work orders, equipment maintenance, financial, chemical/fertilizer, etc.).

  • Easy to search and report inventory groups (parts, equipment, chemicals, fertilizers, irrigation, etc.).

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