Grounds Module

The Grounds module allows you to setup specific information about the square footage and acreage of your course (you can use any units of measurements that you like to measure your course). Define all areas of your course by hole and group (e.g., fairways, greens, roughs, etc.) for use in work orders and work order graphing. You can keep pictures stored in the database of the various areas of your course, for insurance purposes or to develop a library of the evolution of your course.

The grounds module also includes information for your vegetation regarding growing characteristics, leaf characteristics, cultural habits, rooting characteristics, and bark characteristics. You can also view a zone map of common zones of the US for all types of vegetation.

Grounds Module Features

  • Ground dimensions are stored in the measurements that you use (square feet, acres, square meters, etc.).

  • Keep a library of pictures of your course, for insurance or historical reasons.

  • Detailed vegetation library, including color pictures.

  • Vegetation and areas can be easily cross-referenced.

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