Financial Module

The Financial module in GCS allows for quick interpretation of budgeted versus actual expenditures for all categories of expenses. The mouse-driven system covers all bases of financial management, including labor expenses, inventory expenses, capital expenses, and more. The financial transaction screen works just like a checkbook ledger for easy entry. Financial transactions post automatically from other sections of the software to limit data entry and maximize efficient operation.

To scrutinize budgeted versus actual expenditures, you can use the on-screen graphing tools to visualize budget variances for any expense or group of expenses. GCS also comes with over 30 financial reports, and you can even customize your own reports. Its easy to pinpoint your current financial position and analyze any and all financial discrepancies.

Financial Module Features

  • Unlimited user defined chart of accounts.

  • Budget data in fiscal year or calendar year formats.

  • Maintain financial information for as many years as you want for year-to-year comparisons.

  • View and print intuitive charts and graphs, including budget versus actual pie charts, bar charts, line graphs, 3-D graphs, and more.

  • Drill down from yearly, quarterly, monthly, and daily depictionís all the way to the actual transaction, work order, etc.

  • Financial transactions post automatically from other modules in GCS.

  • Know your exact financial position at any given point in time.

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