Equipment Module

The Equipment module in GCS maintains all service requirements for your equipment. The software automatically indicates equipment that is in need of service by using easy to read color coding. Work orders can be created automatically for items that need maintenance, and all costs are tracked, whether the work is preventative maintenance or repairs.

Additionally, GCS comes with "QuickLoad" disks so that you can indicate the manufacturer and model number for the equipment used at your site. Simply check mark the equipment used and GCS will automatically configure the inventory and equipment maintenance module with the applicable equipment information, preventative maintenance requirements, recommended replacement parts, and more.

You can use the optional, portable, hand held bar code reader to periodically update equipment meter readings. Simply type in or scan the inventory number on each equipment item and the scanner will indicate the previous meter reading that you update. Then transfer the new meter readings to GCS via the comport on your PC with the touch or a button.

Equipment Module Features

  • Audible and visual alerts when equipment requires service. Equipment items are color coded to indicate items in need of service, items in need of service with a scheduled work order, and items that do not currently need service.

  • Integrated with the Work Order module - generate service work orders directly from the equipment screen with all of the correct equipment information already entered.

  • Preventative maintenance schedules can easily be "Quick Loaded" from diskettes for most major equipment manufacturers.

  • Detailed maintenance history for each item (labor cost, inventory cost, parts cost, fuel cost, etc.).

  • Know status of equipment maintenance in progress and equipment in need of service.

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