Chemical Module

The chemical/fertilizer module in GCS allows the user to quickly and easily calculate exact sprayer/spreader application rates based on the type of sprayer/spreader being used, the areas to be treated, and the substances to be applied. This section is also capable of memorizing and recalling sprayer/spreader applications for any type of treatment.

Information from each application (such as the date, time, substances applied, areas treated, safety precautions, weather conditions, etc.) is automatically logged for future reference and reporting. GCS provides proven methods for ensuring accurate sprayer and spreader applications and monitoring their results.

Chemical Module Features

  • Automatically calculates instant, accurate tank mixtures.

  • Integrated with Work Order module - generate application work order details automatically based on the mixture calculated.

  • Application information is logged and integrated with Chemical module for use in EPA and other government reporting.

  • Sprayer/Spreader database allows for unlimited sprayer and spreader settings.

  • Chemicals/Fertilizers database allows for conversion from stock keeping units to typical application rates.

  • Licensed applicators database.

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