GCS Modules

GCS is organized into sections, or modules, to centralize similar information into intuitive areas. Each module contains functions relevant to managing turf & golf operations. Each module is briefly described below:
The Chemical Module calculates chemical and fertilizer application requirements and maintains detailed application logs for EPA reporting.
The Equipment Module monitors & schedules preventative maintenance requirements along with recommended replacement parts. Equipment life cycle cost and utilization are recorded for objective decision making.
The Financial Module records actual expenses against a budget. Expenses automatically post from other modules (such as Inventory: Purchase Orders). Data can be viewed via graphs for easy interpretation of current financial status.
The Grounds Module specifies dimensions of your course (fairways, greens, tees, etc.) and references information about vegetation, trees, improvements, etc. GPS and CAD drawings can be incorporated for quick reference.
The Inventory Module maintains on-hand quantities and journals all transactions (inventory debits and credits). Built-in reorder point reminders ensure adequate inventory levels. Purchases are automatically logged to financials.
The Personnel Module tracks basic employee information, payroll, accident history, disciplinary actions, reviews and skills/training.
The Weather Module tracks & graphs weather data (high/low temp, humidity, precip, degree days, and irrigation details).
The Work Order Module monitors labor utilization and journals labor times and costs associated with tasks and areas. All data is graphed for easy interpretation.
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