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InCircuit Forms TurfCentric, Inc.

July 1, 2001 (Austin, Texas) - InCircuit Development Corporation, an independent software vendor, today announced that it has spun-off its turf business operations as a stand-alone entity. The new company, known as TurfCentric, Inc., will focus exclusively on products and technology for the turf industry.

Alan Colby, president and chief executive officer, commented "This change reflects InCircuit’s efforts to efficiently allocate its assets and sharpen its focus. The new [TurfCentric] name accurately reflects our current customer base and technological innovations. We will leverage the GCS™ brand equity we’ve worked hard to create in the golf and turf market, where GCS™ is recognized as the industry’s leading grounds management software, to quickly establish awareness and understanding of this change."

For more TurfCentric company information, please visit http://www.turfcentric.com/company/index.shtml.

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