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TurfCentric Introduces New SmartShop Products

TurfCentric has debuted a new line of equipment maintenance products collectively referred to as SmartShop. The SmartShop (U.S. Patent Number 7,356,393) system is designed to automatically alert shop technicians when an equipment item requires service. This entails bolting a very small, rugged transponder (Vehicle Data Module or "VDM") to each equipment item. Whenever an equipment item outfitted with a VDM comes close to the shop, the VDM transmits important information about its host to the SmartShop system. If the SmartShop system decides service is due, detailed information about the maintenance requirements are broadcast to shop technicians via touch station displays (mounted in the shop area itself) and mobile hand-held PDA's (intended to be worn on person like a cellular phone). The broadcasted information includes the current maintenance services required, the required parts/supplies necessary to complete the required services, and even the relevant parts catalogue, repair schematics, and owner's manual reference manuals/diagrams. Click here to learn more about SmartShop.

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